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Wearable Technology That Looks Stylish

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Wearable technology is usually synonymous with square clunky forms and huge hardware. But several designers are hoping to change the face of wearable technology with stylish pieces that blend in with your everyday clothing. We’re talking soft textiles, fashionable forms, and attractive colors.  Here are a few “smart” pieces worth adding to your wardrobe.


Classic, Stylish & “Smart” Timepieces

image courtesy of withings.com

Withings Activité is the new generation Swiss Made watch that inspires and empowers a healthy lifestyle by combining time and activity tracking. Activité fuels your healthy motivation by tracking all your movements, allowing you to invite friends for a weekly challenge, keeping you informed at all times and supporting your efforts – until you reach your goal. It even watches over your sleeping habits. And it’s waterproof so it can log your swim workouts. Beyond being your personal coach, the watch is simply nice to look at. It comes in 2 colors: a sleek black pattern with an orange accent and a glistening white face with a blue accent. Both dials feature a pair of glittering hands. The stitched strap with straight cut waxed sides is made in a black or tawny Barenia leather. According to the manufacturer, its soft grain and high quality promise that Activité will age beautifully.

Varsity Jacket Doubles as a Powerstation for Smartphones

According to Open Ceremony, “As smartphones have become increasingly more functional (iPay, for example), their batteries are drained faster than ever. Well, our innovative friends over at mophie, the California-based creators of the original juice pack, have brought their sleek powerstation battery to an Opening Ceremony wardrobe staple. One-upping the term “wearable tech,” the limited-edition varsity jacket boasts a secret powerstation concealed in an inner pocket, so you’ll stay connected to the world while eliminating the unnecessary bulk of carrying a hand-held mobile charger or a wall adapter. What’s more, it’s compatible with any iPhone (yes, even the 6) or Android. So while you’re on the go, you can worry less about leaving the party early because of a bum phone, or a cold shoulder.”

Bedazzled Smart Accessories
You know the fashion world has come a long way when the words–Swarovski, technology, chic and fitness are in the same sentence. Misfit, known for its fitness and sleep tracking gadgets, has introduced two new wearable products and nine sparkling accessories (bracelets, wristbands and pendants, available in black, white and grey) into the fitness world. The accessories work with the $99 Shine fitness tracker, which comes with a sensor-filled core – the part that houses the data that tracks daily activity – pops out of the wristband. What’s really cool about this stunning new collection is that you can swap the sporty band for a sparkly pendant or bangled bracelet that conceals the core for a night out on the town.

What do you think about these fashionable and functionable “smart” accessories?