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Super Bowl Sunday: Four Plays To Blitz Your Business Forward

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As two teams battle for bragging rights and a championship today, Super Bowl rings won’t be worn by those who lack offense or defense skills, but by the strategic and relentless. The anticipation of change and immediate execution are the inevitable constants for capitalizing on pivotal plays that winning businesses must master in order to take home the trophy.

One of football’s most powerful and effective strategies is known as the “blitz,” a proactive assault on the quarterback designed to disrupt the offensive scheme before it formulates. In business, it’s important for entrepreneurs to attack those enemies that threaten our progress to stay on track in the year ahead.

Go To Your Playbook.
Most verbally declare what they want to accomplish for the year but never actually document what they want to do, and how do they intend to do it. Did you know that written goals have a significantly higher chance of getting accomplished than non-written goals? Make sure your goals are put on paper to easily convert into a strategic plan of action.

Find Your Go-To Guy.
Now that your playbook is mapped out, identifying an accountability partner, team or system to help you stay on track with your goals is invaluable. Make sure that your partner has a vested interest in seeing the business progress and succeed.

Execute! Execute! Execute!
This is where you pour your heart and soul by executing (actively and diligently working) to bring the vision to pass. It’s called “sweat equity,” as you put everything on the line and sacrifice for the sake of greater good. And it’s crucial to your business not to be weighed down or sidetracked with what “the other team” is doing or saying in their huddle and locker room meet ups. Your major concern should always be that your business activities (plays) are agile, alert and “all in” to run full speed ahead.

Turn Up The Victory Dance!
Throughout the year, pause to celebrate the small successes on the 40, 20, and 10 yard lines. Many times in the grind of business, you may overlook or dismiss a play that seemed insignificant at first but turned out to be major. Remember that play-by-play and day-by-day, you’re committed to bring your top “B” (business) game so you can earn the right to scream into the camera, “Hey Mom, I’m Going To Disney World!”

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