Stone Perfect

Stone Perfect

”For our clients, we enjoy experimenting with different patterns and stones. Natural stones—such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and onyx—are available in a range of color tones and surface textures, and their depth and uniqueness are what intrigue us,” say interior designers Leslie Rinehardt and Marvin Miller, design and building partners of Rinehardt/Miller and Co. Inc. They have a combined experience of 26 years. “We have a particular passion for marble,” says Miller.

Rinehardt adds, “For us, marble has come to represent hope and completion. … Once the stone goes in, there’s a collective sigh of relief in seeing the design come to fruition and the project come to a close.” Based in New York City, the pair is always in search of intriguing designs, regularly attending trade shows, marble conventions, and visiting quarries as far away as Brazil, India, and China. “We especially like working with our fabricator,” Miller explains. “Their old-world, Greek craftsmanship makes all the difference. We have discovered—especially in New York City where there are almost always space limitations—people find it difficult to maximize their personal spaces without compromising their aesthetic desire.”

Miller and Rinehardt offer tipsfor marble installation:

  • Always get samples for color reference. Do not rely on names, as color varies from one supplier to the next.
  • Check the qualifications of your craftsman. A ceramic tile installer may not be qualified to work with marble or stone.
  • Do not rely on factory specification and cut sheets. The fabricator should have all necessary fixtures and appliances to work on-site so that he or she can avoid costly mistakes.
  • Check the finish. Make sure the installer finishes with a stone impregnator or penetrating sealer to resist stains.
  • Use care. Keep acidic fruits or products that contain alcohol away from countertops.

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