Sew What?

Sew What?

Can I operate a sewing business over the Internet? Customers can send me their clothing with a specific detail. Is this viable?
— B. Johnson, Via the Internet

You can start an online sewing business right away at home. If you own a reliable sewing machine, it’s a very inexpensive business to operate either full or part time. And with today’s reliable and affordable Internet and delivery services, you are bound to reach more customers by offering your services online.

First you must decide on the type of sewing business you want. For example, you can choose a specialty service like tailoring or making wedding gowns. Whatever you decide, carefully consider the logistics involved in conducting the business over the Internet. You need to have a reliable and well-thought-out shipping procedure in place before you ask your customers to send their clothing to you.

Check out the Home Sewing Association ( to get more insight on starting your online business. This association is a not-for-profit organization composed of members who support and promote the home sewing industry. I also discovered a book on the sewing business that may prove helpful, Do You Sew for Profit?: A Guide for Wholesale, Retail and Consignment (Collins Publications; $19.95) by Barbara Wright Sykes. Both of these resources are good starts for those with entrepreneurial spirit and sewing skills.