New Attitude, New Generation

New Attitude, New Generation

This issue signals the beginning of our 40th anniversary–and here, at Black Enterprise, we have a new attitude. Of course, we take great pride in our four decades of unmatched coverage of black business. The energy that crackles through each office and cubicle, however, comes from our renewed commitment to serve you, our audience, whether you’re getting the latest scoop from the magazine, our Website, a must-attend event, or an episode of one of our television shows, Black Enterprise Business Report or Our World with Black Enterprise.

On a daily basis, we receive a barrage of calls, letters, e-mails, and tweets about your challenges and aspirations. Over the past year, we addressed them as the nation stood at the edge of a financial cliff about to plunge into Depression 2.0. A collapsed housing market sent many homeowners reeling. Battered 401(k) portfolios led skittish investors to think of mattresses as safe havens. Tight credit forced hundreds of small business owners to close shop and brought others to the brink of failure. There was a bright spot though: Euphoria swept the nation with the election of a new president who vowed to usher in an era of change. During the tumult, our editors also made a pledge: to redouble our efforts to provide you with up-to-the-minute information that will help you to mine opportunities and navigate through crises.

Although the unemployment rate hovers above 10%–the worst level of joblessness in more than 25 years–other economic indicators show signs of a looming recovery. The global financial system is stabilizing. At press time, the Dow Jones industrial average was above 10,000. And consumers, although tepidly, are starting to regain a bit of confidence.

As the economy rebounds, we’re taking a more active role in your restoration and recovery. We’re emphasizing that mission by changing our tagline, the slogan on our cover, to “Wealth for Life.” It may seem like a simple step but it’s one of great significance. In every issue, regardless of your stage in life, we will arm you with comprehensive information and personal examples so you can