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Part One: Google SVP Reveals Top Resume Mistakes

Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of People Operations at Google, wrote a two-part feature on “The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, and How to Correct Them.” Thousands of resumes pop up in the Google power player’s email, so if anyone is qualified to speak on the do’s and dont’s of resume writing, surely it’s him.

Bock writes that “Some are brilliant, most are just ok, many are disasters” and he’s seen the same mistakes over and over again through the course of 15 years. “What’s most depressing is that I can tell from the resumes that many of these are good, even great, people,” according to the SVP. “But in a fiercely competitive labor market, hiring managers don’t need to compromise on quality. All it takes is one small mistake and a manager will reject an otherwise interesting candidate.”

To avoid being one of the candidates who gets sifted out over a minor mistake, keep reading the next pages and use Bock’s list of top resume mistakes as a point of reference.
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