Get It Straight

Get It Straight

I am a female in my early 30s seeking fulfilling work that opens my creativity. I was a business major but I want to go back to college for all creative classes: dance, music, painting, etc. What type of work can I get taking these classes?
–P. Cassadine, Via the Internet

You’ve got it all backward. College is too expensive an investment to use as research. Besides, you’ve been through the process once, why would you want to incur more debt in uncertainty? If you decide to go back to school, whether for another degree or an advanced degree, you should already be clear about what you’d like to accomplish.

Discovering your creative talents or your purpose in life won’t happen by trying to match a college course to a job you hope to get. You have to start by recognizing your gifts and then understanding that natural talents can be developed into skills that could eventually pay you very well.

For help in your discovery stage, consider hiring a career counselor or consultant, suggests Andrea Bradford, vice president at Right Management Consultants, “someone who can help you recognize your strengths, and areas where you could prosper professionally. Make sure the person is certified in psychological and personality testing.” To find a reputable counselor, Bradford recommends visiting the Association of Career Professionals International’s Website for their local chapters listing at