Darryl Wilson, Jr., Breaks Down the Perfect BE Modern Man Wedding

Darryl Wilson, Jr., Breaks Down the Perfect BE Modern Man Wedding

BE Modern Man- Wedding Planning
Darryl Wilson Jr., The Wedding Concierge

Celebrity wedding planner Darryl Wilson, Jr., has been bringing love stories to life for thousands of couples of color from around the globe for years. Whether it’s a love story between high school sweethearts or celebrities, Wilson plans every detail to make sure the day is beyond special. He creates the perfect wedding.

BE Modern Man recently caught up with Darryl to talk about what role this BE Modern Man plays on such the romantic day, and why it is important that both the bride and groom participate in the planning process. 

What is the role of a BE Modern Man in the wedding planning process? 

The role of a BE Modern Man, there are three very important steps to follow and not end up in the doghouse. Step One: Understand it’s very important you play an active role in planning your wedding by attending a few meetings, taste the food and enjoy a few slices of wedding cake. Step Two: Listen when your fiancée is talking about anything wedding-related around you or with you directly. It could cost you thousands of dollars if you aren’t paying attention 100%. Step Three: Encourage her to hire help to plan the wedding. It may cost you sleepless nights and maybe even nightmares if she attempts to plan this moment in time alone. 

How are you able to remain heavily focused on the Brides needs and wants?  

I always encourage a meeting with both the bride and the groom early into the planning stages. This meeting allows me to ask questions and see how the couple interacts. Times have completely changed. Weddings aren’t just centered around the bride’s needs and wants anymore. I’ve seen a major influx where groom’s are very active and vocal and sharing their wants and visions for the “Big” Day. Also, it’s my job to encourage every bride I work with to encourage her fiancé to play part, but don’t force him. It doesn’t have to be a major role if “he’s uncomfortable.” It could be putting him in charge of entertainment and one major element I encourage bride’s to do is allow the groom-to-be to select the wedding cake flavors, since 99.9% she designed it… Lol

Why is it important that both the bride and groom take part in the wedding planning process? 

It’s very simple! Planning together is crucial because this is the first event and celebration as a couple. You will plan for your family and friends, so it should reflect both personalities. 

When should the average couple begin the wedding-planning process?

I’ve planned weddings in 2 weeks, 3 months, 2 years in advance. I always encourage 9 months to 1 years in advance to start planning. 

What three pieces of advice do you have for BE Modern Men as they prepare for their wedding day? 

Remember this is celebration where God as blessed you with the love of your life. On the wedding day, write her a sweet handwritten note and have it delivered to her before the ceremony starts. 

Never allow family and friend drama to “control” or “direct” how your wedding day should look for you two. This is your moment! You must have her back during what can be a very stressful time for her — no matter what! 

Go custom with the Tuxedo and accessories! This moment in time will be the time where you will have most eyes on you at one given time. Take Advantage of it!! 

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