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4 Sanity-Saving Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Don’t let the name fool you. Being a small business owner is no small undertaking, especially when you’re just starting out. Thankfully, we live in a day  where our phones and tablets can take some of the burdensome, mundane tasks off our shoulders. With an app (or two or five) available for virtually every single task you can think of, it can be mind boggling trying to sort through all the clutter in the app store. While apps can certainly help you run your business more efficiently, what you don’t want are the ones that are incredibly time consuming and cumbersome to use.

So without any further ado, here are four sanity–and time, as well as money–saving apps you need to download today.

In all transparency, this is a Website where small business owners can find inexpensive, but high quality, freelance talent for as little as $5. ($5…Fiverr, get it?). Freelance graphic designers, video editors, marketers, writers, web developers and more can be found on Fiverr. Gone are the days of having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a hope and a prayer that your web designer is going to work out. Now, with Fiverr, you can see ratings from others about the quality of the freelancers’ work, as well how communicative and timely they are.

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The Fiverr app is a complement to the actual Fiverr Website; and it makes finding great talent even more convenient.  Pretty much anything you can think of (or can’t think of) is offered by someone. Of course, if you need the basics— marketing, accounting, web development, etc.—that’s available., but feel free to get creative with it, too. Need a hip-hop jingle for your business? You’ve got it. Looking for someone to serve as a virtual interior designer for your new office? Just a click away. How about a life size caricature of your executive team to post in your main conference room? Yep, that’s there too.

Taxes. Few things are more mundane than having to sort through all your receipts at the end of the year and organize them accordingly. Enter Shoeboxed, the app that allows you to go paperless by organizing all your receipts for you. Just snap a pic of your receipt and upload to the app. Voila!

Shoeboxed also syncs with your email inbox and automatically pulls in receipts from online purchases. No more trying to remember what you bought from where and on what date once tax time rolls around. You can also scan in all the business cards you collect from conferences and the like.

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