Survey: Women Prefer Work-Life Balance Over High Salary

Ain’t Nothing Going on but the … Work-Life Balance?

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(Image: Thinkstock)

Many working women have to juggle the demands of family and parenting, oftentimes while climbing the ladder to success. They also face major professional challenges in doing so, with unequal pay and benefits continuing to be a major issue in today’s business world.

Being the dominant breadwinners has motivated power women to continue pushing past obstacles to bring home the bacon and take care of their families, but a new study has found that more are seeking work-life balance versus high salary. Conducted by LinkedIn and Web market research company, Cross-Tab, the survey reflects 63% of women define success by finding balance between work and personal life (compared with 39% who define success by earning a high salary.) Seventy-four percent believe they can “have it all”— the high-powered career and family. Check out more findings from the survey in the below infograph:

Ghirardelli Infographic