Windows 98 Lives

Windows 98 Lives

My computer runs on Windows 98 OS. I know Microsoft has an online help service, but are there CDs or DVDs that can teach me how to troubleshoot Windows 98?
–V. Randolph, Sr., Baltimore, MD

Good question. Microsoft provides online tech help through its Website (www.micro as well as through Newsgroups. Both are useful for troubleshooting problems with the operating system.

While there are numerous products on the market that purport to provide “training” for particular software and operating systems, I am a bit leery of them. Prices for CDs range from $29 for a basic Windows course to $89 (plus shipping and handling) for solutions geared toward business professionals. I say keep your cash and stick with online sources such as Microsoft Knowledge Base or ITtoolbox (http://windows, which provides a wealth of Windows resources such as discussion groups, searchable Q&As, news items, documents, and knowledge bases for Linux and Oracle.

Also, consider books such as Windows 98 Simplified (John Wiley & Sons; $27.99) and Master Windows 98 Visually (John Wiley & Sons; $39.99), both by Ruth Maran.

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