When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come True

A generally accepted tenet of the American dream is that a high-quality education is a birthright. Quality education, however, takes on new meaning among socioeconomic classes, often leaving gifted black and Latino students behind the educational eight ball.

Suppose things were different. What if we really did leave no child behind? In 1978, a Bronx, New York, public school teacher named Gary Simons answered that question by starting Prep for Prep, a program that prepares talented students for the academic rigors of the top private schools in the Northeast.

In Be the Dream: Prep for Prep Graduates Share Their Stories (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill; $12.95), some of Prep for Prep’s alumni—now doctors, investment bankers, college professors, and attorneys—share their journeys of inspiration and transformation with Simons. Be the Dream reminds us of what is possible for our children, and will motivate us to help them make their dreams a reality.