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Try Out for ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ in NYC This Month

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If you’re an entrepreneur based in New York City with the chutzpah to pitch your business in front of a nationally televised audience and six tough investors, then this is your opportunity to audition for ABC’s Shark Tank. A casting call for the award-winning reality competition will be held in Brooklyn on Friday, May 11, 2018.

For the last nine seasons, Shark Tank has given hundreds of entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their business to investors in hopes of getting the sharks to bite. Now, it’s your turn! A casting call, sponsored by the show and Values Partnerships, is specifically looking for a diverse group of business owners who want to take their company to the next level.

Last year, Brandon Andrews, a senior consultant at Values Partnerships, shared what it takes to make the cut. “Passion! Passion is the most important piece to a successful pitch at the beginning of the casting process. Convince us that you are uniquely qualified to solve the problem your business was created to solve, take advantage of the market opportunity, and scale your business. Find a way to connect your business to your personal story. Know your numbers. Traction looks different for every business. Whatever metric you use, know it and deliver it confidently. Every business has to make an ask during their pitch. You must say “I’m here for $____ in exchange for ___% of my company.”

Andrews also shared a few key pointers to win over the sharks. “Entrepreneurs with spark, grit, and good listening skills do well on the show.” He added that investors make deals with “businesses that have traction and are ready to scale.”

The Brooklyn Shark Tank casting call for diverse entrepreneurs will be held at Electropositive on 639 Classon Ave in Brooklyn, from 9am-5pm. Companies will be selected to pitch their businesses to the casting team from ABC’s Shark Tank on a first come, first serve basis. To enter, register to pitch your business here.