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Young & Winning: Top 4 Assets Millennials Bring to the Job Market

LUST: Thou shall dress and act according to the position you desire, not the one you have. It goes back to piece of old school advice: You never dress for the role you have; you dress for the role you want. "I think the younger generation tends to fall a little short on the presentation piece because prior to entering the workforce, their world is a very relaxed environment," Granville says. "You have to plan for your career wardrobe. You want people to see the talent you bring to the table and not be a distraction."
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While you might have heard a complaint or two from an older colleague starting with “These young people today…” there’s no doubt that young blood in the office is never a bad thing. Here are four advantages that young employees uniquely bring to the job market:

Hunger to Show and Prove : Fresh out of college, Gen Yers are eager and willing to learn. They have a hustle mentality and they’re ready to use what they’ve learned from the classroom and internships and take on the workplace by storm. Also, they almost have no choice, since this is the prime make it or break it time.

Creative Cameleons: Office babies aren’t afraid of change. In fact, they embrace it. They are interested in knowledge-building opportunities and challenges. They also enjoy learning and innovating with mentors and senior power players.

Fresh Point of Reference: As the young’n in the office, a 20-something will bring new ideas and perspectives to the workplace, or innovate on how to expand those already existing. They will share their ideas and give suggestions as to how a business can manage these ideas effectively. They are often part of a target crowd that companies are trying to market to.

Second-Nature Tech Savvy: The millennials are the first generation to grow up with cutting edge technology as part of their everyday lives. To them, using the technology is like breathing. Having that technological advantage can easily make them a valuable asset to the company.