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Top 5 Super Bowl XLIX Apps

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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s more to the Super Bowl than football. Whether you’re a died hard sports fan or someone looking to crash a party for food and fun, chances are while watching the game you’ll be sitting with your mobile phone in hand using your favorite apps to share your unforgettable moments.


So to take your 2015 Super Bowl experience up a notch, here are some of the best apps to download:

Look up stats quickly — Both the Patriots and Seahawks have official apps. The official New England Patriots app for smartphones gives you a great way to look up stats quickly. It also gives you on-demand and live video, as well as audio broadcasts delivered straight to your phone. Seahawks mobile offers breaking news and real-time statistics.

View instant replays from different angles, stadium maps and super bowl commercials – If you’re lucky enough to attend the Super Bowl in Phoenix this year,  the Super Bowl Stadium App (Available on iOS, Android and Windows) is a must have. The app presented by Verizon aims to take the fan experience inside University of Phoenix Stadium to the next level.

According to the NFL, new for Super Bowl XLIX,  the app features that will enhance Super Bowl ticketholders’ experiences include exclusive in-stadium video content such as Super Bowl commercials and replays from four different camera angles, stadium seating and concession maps, once-in-a-lifetime game day opportunities visible only to fans inside the stadium and the option to receive up-to-the-minute game day notifications.

Take note: “If you download the app from home and you’re not at the stadium, it won’t work,” Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the chief information officer for the NFL, told Mashable. “It’s based on several other apps already being used by football clubs at their home stadiums and is a part of a larger effort by the league to incorporate technology into the fan experience and other parts of the game.”

Shop the Super Bowl halftime show from your phones and TVs — This year advertisers are adding more power to our fingertips. During Katy Perry’s half time performance, viewers will be able snag limited edition Katy Perry items.

According to Ad Age, “Pepsi is working alongside ad-tech company Delivery Agency and Visa to make its “Hyped for Halftime” show shoppable through several platforms, one of which is Twitter’s recently launched Buy Now button. During halftime, Pepsi and ShopTV will send out tweets with links to buy merchandise related to the show. After clicking on the links, Twitter users then enter their shipping information and buy products straight from the social site. The activation also works with Samsung and Roku connected TVs through an in-TV app dubbed ShopTV. During halftime, TV owners will be able to click through to the app from a remote control to check out a list of branded products. From there, consumers type in their phone number and receive a text message with links to the merchandise that they can shop from. To buy something, people can check out using Visa Checkout.”

Are you planning to watch the Super Bowl? If so, would you use any of these apps?