This $25 Course Will Teach You How To Build A Career In Digital Copywriting

This $25 Course Will Teach You How To Build A Career In Digital Copywriting

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When it comes to marketing, content is and will always be king. But most people are under the impression that content only entails visual content, when in fact, written content is just as powerful, if not more. There are millions of consumers whose attention you’re pining for, and you can’t just pique their interest with just pretty graphics alone. Whether you’re deploying a social media ad, a newsletter, or a traditional direct mail advertisement, copy matters. It’s what helps you connect to your audience in a way that no image or video can.

The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle will show you the ropes when it comes to writing copy that engages any type of audience. Ideal for marketers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wishes to build a career in copywriting, this e-learning package will teach you everything you need to know.

With five courses spearheaded by copywriting heavyweights like Alan Sharpe, Eric Campbell, and Derek Franklin, this set of courses offers expert-backed training on crafting powerful copy. You’ll explore and get to grips with the elements of the art of copywriting, understand how they work and how they all fit together, and drill them deep into your brain using some simple but powerful techniques. You’ll get the chance to learn how to put together eye-catching headlines, attention-grabbing advertisements, as well as specific forms of copywriting like business writing, press-related copywriting, and print media copywriting.

Should you wish to make copywriting your career, there are also courses on attracting clients and building a portfolio, which can then help you create a six-figure a year business.

For a limited time, you can get this bundle for only $24.99.

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