Rapper The Game Defends 12-Year-Old Daughter Wearing Short Dress for Diddy's Twins' Sweet 16
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The Game Defends 12-Year-Old Daughter Wearing Short Dress and Makeup for Diddy’s Twins’ Sweet 16

The Game and his daughter Cali Taylor
(Image: (left) VENICE, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 12: Rapper The Game attends the release of "Drillmatic" at the Gall3ry By Koll3ctiff on August 12, 2022 in Venice, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images); (right) Cali Taylor/Instagram/@losangelesconfidential/Screenshot)

The internet has been ablaze about the outfits worn to the Sweet 16 party for Diddy’s twin daughters. Rapper The Game’s 12-year-old daughter was among the youngins to come under fire for wearing an outfit many deemed inappropriate.

The former G-Unit rapper already knew the criticism was coming when he shared a photo of his daughter taken at the party.

“Somebody please tell the LORD to help…. She was just 2 years old like a week ago…. Now my baby is 12 years old, growing up & it won’t stop 😩😩,” The Game captioned his post.

He encouraged his followers to follow his daughter’s new Instagram page after the last one got “hacked.” The “One Blood” rapper issued a “disclaimer” to anyone with anything negative to say about his pre-teen’s appearance at the party.


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“[DISCLAIMER: before the internet get to INTERNET’n, me & her mother both agreed to let her do her make up for the young & beautiful @the_combs_twins sweet 16 birthday party],” he added.

But the rapper’s “disclaimer” wasn’t enough to silence the critics who thought Cali Taylor came off a little too grown for the Sweet 16. He wrote a follow-up post addressing the chatter.

“I’m gonna say this once so people who aren’t her parents get it,” he began in a lengthy post, captured by Page Six. “My daughter is 12 & both of her parents are more than strict.”

He shared that Cali’s mom, his ex Tiffany, called him to ask if their daughter could wear the dress to the party to match the “futuristic” theme the Combs twins had for their Sweet 16.

“After talking to her thoroughly for over an hour about it, I agreed to let my daughter rock.. being that she wears a school uniform 5 days a week,” The Game — whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor — continued.

The Game noted that his daughter is a straight-A student and typically “dresses like a Tom boy in baggy jeans and Dr. Martin boots.”

Cali isn’t the only one catching heat for her outfit. Diddy’s twin daughters have been receiving criticism for the matching futuristic two pieces they sported for the party.


“No disrespect, how can a man let his daughters dress like that, i really dont understand,” one viewer wrote.

“Few things. D**n why he so cool with the girls dressing like this? D**n they look so much alike it’s lowkey weird,” asked someone else. “D**n why them grown men all over them lil girls. D**n why diddy not fazed? D**n. His money his choices tho.”