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How Tech Companies Honored MLK Day

The lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, as well as the technology industry in general, is a known issue that is receiving national attention only over the past year.

One highlight of this homogenous culture is the lack of honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.’s national holiday by closing company doors.

Reverend Al Sharpton pointed out the indifference with which companies like Apple treat the national holiday, while government offices are closed in observance.

But if companies like Apple don’t close during the holiday, who does?

Microsoft’s Floating Days

The Windows maker doesn’t close its doors during King’s birthday, but it gives employees the option to choose whether they want to celebrate the day.

According to Microsoft, the company gives employees two paid floating holidays a year, and finds that many employees use one of them on MLK Day.

“Beyond the floating holiday, over the last 10 years Microsoft has presented and webcast globally an annual program commemorating Dr. King’s legacy for employees and their families, and encourages employees to use it as a day of service in their local U.S. communities,” according to Microsoft.

Current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, responsible for Microsoft’s current services-based strategy for growth, did mention Dr. King on Twitter.

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