Target Your Search

Target Your Search

Q: I quit my job in May and relocated to Dallas to be closer to my fiancé but have since been unable to find work. I have a bachelor’s in business administration (my concentration was marketing), and I worked for a small financial service company for two years. I would like to work for two more years before seeking a graduate degree but am wondering how do I turn an ordinary career into a stellar career?

–J. Lewis, Dallas

Q: I would have advised you not to quit your job until you lined up another in Texas. But since you’re there all you can do is continue to look. And understand that searching for employment should be approached as a full-time job. You should keep a log of where you’ve applied and keep notes of the responses you’ve been receiving. That can tell you a lot about what employers are actually looking for. It’s also important to determine the strongest areas of the economy in your city and target your searches accordingly. According to, a career resource guide, the main industries in Dallas are technology and telecommunications, retail trade and distribution, tourism, and real estate. Top companies include Nokia, Pizza Hut, and Wells Fargo.

Although the unemployment rate in Dallas has dropped slightly since May from 7.0% to 6.6% in September, it is still higher than the national average at 5.6%. Log on to www.vault .com for career information and job listings for specific cities. Also try Texas Workforce Commission Jobs Express ( jobs/jobx/express). As you aspire to build a “stellar” career, understand that with limited experience, you may have to start over in an industry where you can foresee growth.