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The ‘Big Game’: Fan Stats That Raise An Eyebrow

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Ever wonder what football fans are interested in before, during, and after the game?

On the Web, 70% of game-related searches happen in the month surrounding game day versus the day itself, according to Google Data. So, it wouldn’t be surprising that some football fans are viewing past YouTube videos from popular game moments like the Seahawks overtime win last Sunday or Marshawn Lynch‘s one-liner responses to the press.

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Besides people brushing up on their football knowledge, others turn to the Google to look up recipes to make on game day. All of this activity occurred in January. During this month, most fans are reading about NFL games, teams and players. In fact, searches about players and teams grew nearly 300% and Google and YouTube recipe searches rose 10 percent, last year.

Other interesting facts about Super Bowl trends, in early February people catch up on popular ads the day after the game.