So Long So Soon

So Long So Soon

Q: I recently started a new job only to find out that I was lied to during my interview. I inquired about the hours of my current position because I knew I was in the process of applying to grad school. I’ve learned that for my field position, the company reserves the right to change hours as needed. I’ve already begun looking for a new job, but have several questions: Should I put my current job on my resumé? Do I make reference to this position in my cover letters?
— W. Flaherty, Via email

A: First of all, you should mention your current position on your resumé and in your cover letters. If not, you show a gap in employment, which is not looked upon favorably in this present environment. On paper, the only explaining you have to do is what you’ve contributed to your department. During the interview I wouldn’t panic — and I wouldn’t play the victim. Whether you misinterpreted or were misinformed, no prospective employer will respond well to “I was lied to.”

You should let him or her know that because your hours were changed during your employment, it caused a conflict in scheduling classes. But keep the emphasis on your contributions as a valuable employee. At most companies, employees work extended hours, but most managers won’t find school a problem if it doesn’t cut into the normal work day.