How To Find A Job In Medical Billing

Since You Asked: Finding a Job in Medical Billing

I’ve worked in medical laboratories for more than 30 years. I left my last job two years ago to care for a terminally ill parent. My problem is, although I have experience and received a diploma online for health information medical coding and billing, I have no degree. How do I get started job hunting without one?

–D. W.

What perfect timing for your question! In January, we started a yearlong series in Workplace called “Where the Jobs Are,” highlighting opportunities and growth areas and providing details about trend projections and potential earnings. This month, we’re focusing on the health care industry. Make sure to read the story and take notes.

Career coach Briam Moser says you shouldn’t have any problems finding a job in medical billing, since studies have shown that a degree is superseded by five years of experience. He suggests three simple tips to find the right job for you. First, get credibility. Make sure to complete an online medical certification program, which you’ve already done. Second, join a national organization such as the American Medical Billing Association, which will help to build your network for potential job leads. Third, be specific. Moser says you should decide what billing area you’re interested in: hospital, pediatrics, pharmacies, etc. Third, start applying. Search for jobs in your city at Also, read Knock ‘Em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2010 by Martin Yate (Adams Media; $15.95).

This article originally appeared in the February 2010 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.