Shawne Williams Arrested for Weed Possession

Ex-NBA Player Pleads Guilty to Weed Possession

From TMZ

Cars, drugs, and alcohol are all the part of the recipe for life in the fast lane…for some people. This includes ex-NBA player Shawne Williams.

Williams was arrested in December for possession of a controlled substance and possession with the intent to sell in Tennessee. Officers arrested Williams after allegedly smelling weed coming from his Porsche. They also found a bottle of codeine (cough syrup) within the vehicle.

Recently, Williams has plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance (the weed) and will have to pay a $500 dollar fine and spend one day in jail.

The charge of possession with intent to sell was dropped because the passenger in the vehicle claimed it was his. Williams has already paid the fine and has gotten credit for time served.

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