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Setting Up Shop

I’m considering a startup business that markets and sells urban apparel over the Internet. Would you provide me with resources on starting a Website?
— W. P. Canady, Tennessee Colony, TX

Apparel is one of the most popular products sold over the Internet, but creating an online store presents some unique challenges for startup businesses. Here are a few resources worth looking into before you launch your e-business.

I recommend that you read “Your,” which appeared in our April 2001 issue. Go to to find the article online and check out the step-by-step guide to setting up shop on the Internet. The article also talks about common e-business pitfalls.

Trade magazines are another good source of information about any industry. Check out Apparel magazine’s Website,, for access to a wide range of viable resources.

In addition, visit e-commerce sites that sell urban apparel to get a glimpse of how competitors are selling their wares online. is an online clearinghouse that sells urban apparel from various designers.

Your choice to sell urban apparel online can help you stand out from thousands of online retailers. With careful planning and preliminary research, you should be well on your way to setting up a successful e-tail store that’s always open to your customers.