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Savvy Solutions

Q: I am interested in starting an independent employment agency in St. Louis. What tools will I need to start this type of business? Also, can you refer me to Websites that I can use to research this project?
— Sharon H., St. Louis

A: Writing a business plan is always the best way to begin. A company called Plan Magic produces a business plan software program called PlanMagic Business 9.0. It features a customized software package that will assist you in creating a business plan specifically for starting an employment agency. Check out their Website (www.plan and search under their product line. There is also a Website that describes how to start a temporary staffing agency: http://medi-smart .com/tempagency.htm. This will give you an idea of the tools you need to run the agency.

The startup and operating costs of an employment agency are relatively low, compared to many other businesses. It’s possible to start a small agency on a shoestring budget of a few thousand dollars. Other than a telephone, the most important piece of equipment you’ll need is a computer loaded with general accounting software and database software for organizing contracts. This type of business requires excellent people skills to work with clientele and associates.