BE Modern Man: Clarence M. Lee, Physician-Entrepreneur

[Passion to Purpose]: Meet Clarence M. Lee, Jr., MD, MBA, Physician-Entrepreneur and Persistence Coach

Clarence M. Lee
Clarence M. Lee, Jr., MD, MBA, Physician-Entrepreneur & Persistence Coach

Name: Clarence M. Lee, Jr., MD, MBA 

Profession: Physician-Entrepreneur and Persistence Coach

Age: 35

Clarence M. Lee, Jr., MD, MBA, is a far cry from your typical medical doctor.  Accomplishments and accolades within his field of work are wonderful to have, but for Dr. Lee, they are meaningless in and of themselves. It wasn’t until he realized he had everything he needed inside of himself and was already blessed that he started to walk toward his destiny. “My main inspiration is God and the high standards for love, energy, and community God teaches us to hold,” Dr. Lee tells BE Modern Man

Dr. Lee remembers the moment when he realized that walking in his destiny as a medical professional was what he was placed on Earth to do. “After three days of being on call, I was sleeping in the hospital. I woke up and asked myself, ‘What am I doing?’ I hadn’t seen my family or talked to friends in weeks.”

In order to get the surgical training necessary to become a success, Dr. Lee found that success was beyond a name and title. He says, “I realized being a success wasn’t about being consumed by your goals and their pursuit, but it’s about bringing people along with you. Without inspiring others, my success is moot. So, I decided in that moment that I’d use my life to encourage others to live to their highest potential and be persistent in the pursuit of their vision. It started with mentoring, which led to speaking, which led to writing books and putting on events.” 

Speaking, writing, and putting on events is how Dr. Lee uses his surgical training to be a servant and have a mindset that is in tune with the needs of others. 

“Set up your time so that you schedule to do things that you love,” Dr. Lee tells BE Modern Man. “Find others that are doing what you want to do and follow them! Many people have come before us that have created the lives we want; we don’t have to go it alone. Success leaves clues, so just seek out those that are [already] where you want to be.” 

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