[Passion to Purpose]: Dr. Drai Talks Medicine, Media & Purpose

[Passion to Purpose]: Dr. Draion Burch Talks Medicine, Media & Purpose

Name: Dr. Draion Burch

Profession: Board-certified concierge Obstetrician and Gynecologist; Best-Selling Author of “From Medicine to Mogul, 7 Steps to 7 Figures”; International Speaker; Media Expert on Women’s Health; and Principal of Medical Moguls Academy

Age: 37

The founder of Medical Moguls Academy, which educates physicians on how to balance the business of properly servicing the needs of impacted communities in an evolving medical industry, Dr. Draion Burch (aka Dr. Drai) is known as “America’s Ob-Gyn.” He’s also amassed a tremendous social media following and is a well-sought after on-air and radio personliaty dishing out expert advice from female and male sexual health, as well as authored several books on the often taboo subject matter. “I founded a school for doctors to learn business — Medical Moguls Academy. I love teaching. Doctor means ‘to teach’ in Latin. Seeing doctors transform their mindset, find their purpose, and create products & services to serve their ideal client outside of the traditional medical practice is impactful.”

Why and where did this drive to serve derive from? “It was from the very earliest of ages that I remember my grandmother coaching me through the path in life that I should walk. Yes, she was my first coach. I remember my grandma talking to me from my first memories of her, telling me that I was going to grow up. That I was going to make a difference in the world. That I was going to serve humanity in a big way. And that God had a plan for me that would be revealed in time. She reminded me that I needed to listen to the Lord and He would guide me to my purpose. From that value system, I am inspired to create a legacy for my unborn children’s children based off of my purpose,” Dr. Draion tells BE Modern Man.

And this plan includes tirelessly advocating for the welfare of others, especially black men, in taking control and combating their mental, spritiual and physical health.

“Black men live seven years less than other racial groups. We have higher death rates in all the leading causes of death such as heart disease and cancer. There are many reasons why we have issues with our health — racial disparity, cultural barriers, insufficient medical and social services catering to black men. Take care of your mind. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You can reduce stress by meditation, counseling, and/or journaling. You must believe in something higher. Exercising and having a healthy diet is key. Walk for 30 minutes a day for at least five days a week. Water, fruits, vegetables, and occasional lean meats should be staples in your diet.”

And now with such a tremendous presence of black men on social media, which according to a Pew Research Center survey, states about eight-in-ten black adults utilize at least one of the five major sites, the messaging and delivery of information is paramount and by far easier especially for Dr. Draion, who believes in his mission of intertwining media and medicine.

“Now the world has exposure to anything they desire in just in one click; social media has given me the visibility or platform to become a household name. Remember whatever you post on social media whether it’s your personal or business page, the world can find it. If someone googles your name, your social media accounts will appear on the first page. Secure your name on all social media platforms. Be consistent — have that same username on all platforms. Choose three platforms to dominate. Study when you need to post to gain the most engagement,” he tells BE Modern Man.

Which is why Dr. Draion’s multi-faceted career trajectory is a perfect example of a success story that needs to be told to countless young boys of color across various communities.

“The visibility of successful black men is essential to our existence. Media sometimes is the first or only exposure individuals have with black males and black physicians. Traveling abroad, people always ask me do I play basketball? When I respond, “No, I’m a doctor…” they look surprised. First impression or everlasting impression so it is important for black males to have positive visibility that we can do everything and do it well. It is also important for the younger generation to see and read our stores. Resilience, hard work, and tenacity are the key factors for success. They have to see we are human and that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, and there are role models that they can have that look like them,” he explains.

All the makings and characteristics of a BE Modern Man, which is one of the numerous ways we affirm each other.

“BE Modern Man means to me that a young man from Mississippi who studied and had goals grew up to be financial, savy medical mogul. I represent the Modern Man that you don’t have to check off items in a box to fit in, go with the crowd and leap out of faith to determine you own destiny. Live on purpose…”

And like our tagline states, “it is our normal to be extraordinary,” the “black Doctor Oz” is conscious of his contributions, not only to the world of medicine, but as a thriving and productive human being.

“You can be whomever you want. Surround yourself with a tribe who wants you to succeed. It’s in the mind. Once you believe it, you can achieve it. I strive to be a role model for younger generations,” he tells BE Modern Man.

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