One Year Into The Obama Era: A Reader’s Thoughts

One Year Into The Obama Era: A Reader’s Thoughts

Robert E. Dorsey Jr.

My fellow Americans, those of us who voted for the President Barack Obama need to stand up, get together, and push back.

One year into the Obama presidency, I’m struck by a national political party that, by its very actions, thwarts the will of the American people, a Republican party that, throughout the 74 years of my life, has continually done so–especially over the past six decades, from 1948 to the present. Over this period, two Democratic Party administrations have been the book ends. The first was President Harry Truman’s and the latest is President Obama’s administration.

The Republican Party, the Party of “NO”, is a party of privilege. It represents the status quo: big business, special interests, some of the most powerful lobbyists in America, and tax breaks for the wealthy. The Republicans, though, are mainly obstructionists. They have created a paralysis that is second to none in the U.S. Congress and across the land. They seem to have a “do nothing” mentality.

I want to challenge Americans, irrespective of race, color, creed or gender, who supported Barack Obama on the fourth of November, 2008. This week, as we enter the second year of his presidency, those who voted for change now need to collectively raise up their voices in unison against a Party of Entitlement and division that, on a daily basis sews seeds of discord across this land.

The naysayers of 2010, who rail against the President, have an accomplice to support their negative narrative. They are the major media networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNN. Their respective Sunday morning talk shows, purported to be objective journalism, are the messengers of disinformation, mouthing the Republican Party’s mantra.

To make my case, indulge me as I revisit President Truman’s acceptance speech to the delegates at the Democratic National Convention held in Pennsylvania, July 15, 1948. Mr. Truman shared his frustration with the delegates about his administration’s key issues and the lack of any co-operation he was receiving from the Republican-dominated 80th Congress.

How does this relate to President Obama? The Republicans of Truman’s day refused to cooperate on Truman’s proposed legislation: healthcare, job creation, education, social security, increasing the benefits of seniors and women, free trade, foreign policy and the environment. Sounds like the pressing issues of today. The similarities are striking, 60 years later.

I believe the American taxpayer is being shortchanged. The Republicans believe they are preordained to hold power by opposing, out-of-hand, any legislation proposed by the White House. Emboldened by their recent Senate victory in Massachusetts, Republicans believe they will gain seats in this year’s off year elections in November. Hopefully, as in 1948, the American people will give them another November surprise.

My hope is that all clear-thinking Americans can see the Republican Party for what they represent: nothing. Americans must push back this tide of negativity and help the President turn our “ship of state” around and point it towards a new beginning where America is respected around the world. Republicans will continue to fight the same old trench warfare. They will stoop to just about anything to gain power while offering warmed over babble as solutions. In President Truman’s words, the Republicans are the “Party of Promises”, who offer little but are quick to criticize.

Therefore my fellow Americans, it is time for us to support President Obama and ignore those polling numbers we are inundated with on a daily basis. This President is America’s best hope for the future of our country and it’s prosperity for now and years to come.

Robert E. Dorsey Jr. is a senior associate at JBF Associates Inc., a business consulting firm. He is a U.S. citizen living in Avonmore, Ontario, Canada.