Old Cell Phones

Old Cell Phones

Q: My company is in the process of upgrading cell phones for employees. Problem is, we don’t have enough office space to store any more old equipment. Any idea what I can do besides just tossing them out?
–C. Palmer, Houston

A: Great question. I would suggest you donate your used wireless phones. There are numerous organizations that refurbish phones to sell for charity or to donate to charitable organizations such as those that benefit battered women and children or community centers nationwide. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.ncadv.org) and The Wireless Foundation (www.wirelessfoundation.org) are two such organizations that spearhead campaigns to collect used cell phones.

You can also contact your local community organizations to find out if they collect used cell phones for charities. Just be sure to make arrangements with the organization before you simply drop off barrels of used phones on their doorsteps. If you can’t find an organization in your neck of the woods, why not start your own?

Of course, if you’re feeling less philanthropic and more capitalistic, you can contact organizations that will purchase your used cell phones or offer special in-kind trades. Big Lots (www.youroldcellphone.com), for example, will purchase cell phones from companies (if you have more than five) or will give individuals a prepaid long-distance card in return for old phones. Remember, though, ’tis the season.