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Need Some Encouragement? Try a Life Coach in Your Pocket

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Whether you’re a CEO of a major corporation or an employee looking to climb the corporate ladder, we all get stuck in a rut. Maybe you’re stressed about finances, a failed relationship, unhappy at work, weight gain, etc. The key thing to remember is no one “makes it happen” without some type of support. Thanks to our mobile-obsessed world, encouragement comes in many different forms. Check out a few life coaching apps below designed to help you get unstuck, find some motivation and deal with real life problems.

  • Lantern – a service and mobile app (iPhone only) that connects you with a coach to help you improve your emotional well-being. The app starts with an assessment to identify stress areas. Based on your response, Lantern offers several tools such as a “worry tool” to help you manage your day-to-day anxiety. And, it also assigns users “human coaches” such as a licensed family therapist. You can message them using unlimited texting, or call with the video feature. The monthly subscription starts at $33.00 month. And a 10-15 minute call follows the initial subscription to determine your goals.
  • — Provides 1.1 coaching from a community of experts as well as expert guidance with in-app coaching for $14.99. You can track, analyze and celebrate progress. And, community support forums are available from users who have similar goals. Featured plans such as weight loss; at home strength training and meditation are training also available. Coach. me is available on Android and iPhone.
  • Success Wizard — a life management system that includes a set of tools to help plan a personal roadmap to success. Some of it’s unique features includes a “Life commitments scheduler, daily reminders, awareness coaching, end-of-day reflection, the ability to share your insight, goals and plan with your coach, friends or support team, and sync your info across all your devices. Success Wizard is free to download and use. And, the Success Pro subscription is available for $2.99 a month or $24.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription.  According to the website, Success Pro subscription lets you accomplish even more by allowing you to set and manage more goals per life category and more major goals overall. You will also have access to daily quotes and tips.

Which app would you try? Have you used a life-coaching app? If so, what was your experience?