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Nationwide Presents ‘Make Safe Happen’ to Reduce Preventable Accidents

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Today is a landmark day in sports, and Nationwide will be part of it, airing Super Bowl ads that will reach millions—one of which is set to get fans on board with a movement that could save lives.

On Feb. 1, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Twitter, Nationwide, will be sharing new information on a campaign called Make Safe Happen, and the public is encouraged to join the movement.

According to the CDC, preventable injuries are the No 1. cause of children’s deaths, and each year 8,000 families lose a child because of them. Nationwide, which as partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to educate families and reach communities, is working toward helping in changing these statistics.

The financial services companies’ research shows 94% of parents report their homes are the safest place for their children despite the alarming number of injuries and deaths. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of parents believe they are doing an acceptable job keeping their kids safe at home.

“This is a difficult issue to talk about. Kids getting injured and dying from preventable accidents is hard to imagine, and that’s why Nationwide is creating awareness to Make Safe Happen everywhere,” Matt Jauchius, Nationwide’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “Nationwide has always been committed to protecting what matters most — your kids. This is an issue we’ve been passionate about as a company for nearly 60 years. We’re committed to make resources available to help prevent these tragedies from taking place.”

“Our partnership with Nationwide will bring Make Safe Happen and childhood safety to the forefront of the national conversation,” said Kate Carr, president and CEO, Safe Kids Worldwide. “Nationwide’s program will fill a major need by providing resources and easy-to-use tools for parents, and by joining forces with the Safe Kids network of coalitions around the country, we will teach parents what they need to know to help their children grow up to be healthy, strong and safe.”

An app that aims at reducing easily preventable childhood accidents around and inside the home is also part of the campaign. It provides room-specific safety tips, along with products for purchase, and sets reminders for parents and caregivers, to help give children the best shot at living long lives.


Users of the app can also select counseling advice by selecting the child’s age range, which extends to children 12 years of age. Safety instructions also have a wide variety of categories, such as fires, burns, choking, poisoning, water safety, falls, and more. Parents and caregivers also have the option of creating to-do lists, tracking progress, and viewing links to recommended safety products. Every child matters, so help spread the word.