'In the Black' Tour Brings Business and Career Empowerment to Women

‘In the Black’ Tour Bringing Business and Career Empowerment to Multicultural Women

(Image: Instagram)
(Image: Instagram)

In The Black: A 15-City National Tour has kicked off its 2015 agenda, seeking to offer the tools women need to improve their businesses and careers. The event features high-level insight and discussions for career women and entrepreneurs, and provides an opportunity for networking with affluent multicultural female influencers from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. Sponsored by companies including Coca Cola and Marriott International, the event is expected to draw hundreds of professional women seeking camaraderie, education, and resources.

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The tour, which continues through Nov. 12,  stops in 15 cities from the East to the West Coast, including New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. Headlining the tour is Mikki Taylor, TV personality, editor-at-large, and motivational speaker, as well as  Amazon bestselling author and entrepreneur Becky A. Davis.

BlackEnterprise.com caught up with Davis about her journey into entrepreneurship after a successful corporate career, and what attendees should expect:

BlackEnterprise.com: What will attendees take away from this tour?
Davis: I’m serving as the event’s entrepreneurship speaker, since my business focuses on helping women to start and grow their business. The In the Black Tour focuses on several concepts that incorporate positivity. First, women will learn how to add more ‘black’ into their bank statements—and stay out of the red. They will  learn the importance of taking bold action [and] how to prepare in advance to seize opportunities.

In a discussion about ‘The Black Box,’ they’ll learn about tools needed for success in transitioning into entrepreneurship and sustaining success in their careers. We’ll also talk about The Black Book, in terms of one’s network and what’s needed to grow a business. Women will have the opportunity to intimately network, before and after the event, to grow their contacts.

And every woman needs  The Little Black Dress. Mikki Taylor, editor-at-large, will talk about how to maximize their look for success. There’s just so much that women can take home with them from this event that will lead to residual success in their careers and businesses.

Why should women—particularly those of color— empower themselves through entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is a way to build and create a legacy for your family. When you create the game (your business) then you create the rules. Women fight to get into executive positions in corporations, even though they are highly skilled and have a proven track record. There is so much that women have to offer, but too often corporations don’t get to see half of their talent because women don’t get the opportunity; don’t get to fully use what they have to offer. I realized this when I started my business, that I had so much more inside of me to give and create.

Is it worth it to transition from employment to business owner or working for self? Why?
Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But if you have the skills to be an entrepreneur, it’s worth every minute of it. It took me 13 years to hit a six-figure salary in corporate America, and it’s taken me three years to hit six figures as an entrepreneur. There is no ceiling or cap as an entrepreneur, so the sky is literally the limit. Being an entrepreneur has afforded me the ability to design my work around my life and family–something I couldn’t do before. Now, I don’t miss anything unless I want to.

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