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My Brother’s Keeper to Host Hackathon in Oakland

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With a goal to close the STEM diversity gap, My Brother’s Keeper is hosting its first hackathon event in Oakland, CA with the help of Qeyno Labs, whose mission is to transform the lives of young people through innovation, education and technology.

Studies show that 30 percent of jobs in the next decade will require technology and coding skills, indicating the immediate need for early training in these fields. However, when it comes to black and brown students, it’s clear that a lack of resources and opportunities play a major role in their decision to pursue STEM careers with only 2 percent of employees at top tech companies being African American and only 3 percent being Hispanic.

Taking place February 20-22, the My Brother’s Keeper Hackathon will bring together minority youth ages 12-20, referred to as “Trailblazers,” for a weekend event where they work in teams, alongside adult professionals, and build websites and mobile apps that will positively impact the community. Using the hashtag #MBKHACK, the hackathon will also partner with the “My Sisters Keeper” initiative to foster and encourage young women of color to also pick up an interest in STEM.

To learn more about the My Brother’s Keeper Hackathon event and how you can sign up a young person visit