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BE Modern Man: Meet ‘Mr. Social’ Andre Kay

BE Modern Man- BE 100 - Andre Kay
Andre Kay, CEO/Founder of Sociallybuzz. Photo Credit: The Kay Family

Name: Andre Kay

Profession: CEO/Founder of Sociallybuzz

Age: 34

One word that describes you: Empathetic

Andre Kay was at the top of his career, when the ceiling came falling down. Abruptly fired from his lucrative career as an assistant vice president for a bank, Kay was left trying to understand why this happened to him.

“If I didn’t get fired, I would probably still be working there or just be working for someone else,” Kay tells BE Modern Man.

Staying strong in his faith, Kay believed that God knew he would not allow this to cause him to quit moving forward.

“He just gave me a little push,” says Kay. “Ever since that day God has guided my steps and is a major influence to becoming the person I am today.”

From an early age Kay understood the importance of the ‘why,’ and was able to tap into this ‘why’ three times to launch three companies.

“One company failed and the other two became successful,” Kay tells BE Modern Man. “You need a reason on why you want to spend every waking hour to achieve a specific goal. If you don’t have a why, then you won’t have the drive to turn your passion into an obsession. Once it becomes an obsession, there is nothing in this world that will stop you from accomplishing your goals.”

One of these thriving businesses is helping well-known organizations manage their online presence.

Sociallybuzz, a social media marketing, management, reputation & campaign company which Kay launched in 2009, provides social media management, marketing, fan page management, event online digital marketing, and social media consultation using a “Build, Engage and Grow” methodology.

Eliminating fear from his life, Kay has been able to build successful businesses while integrating philanthropy into his work. Giving his time, talents and treasures to help the human race live, learn and love better was a easy decision for Kay to make.

He says, “I don’t do it to look cool, I do it because it’s the right thing to do for the greater good. I joined the Pledge 1% movement with a commitment to pledge 1% of my time, talents and treasures to charitable causes in the community and the world.”