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BE Modern Man: Meet “Mr. Business Capital” Davorio Stevenson

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Davorio D. Stevenson, Managing Partner, Finance/Real Estate/Private Equity

Name: Davorio D. Stevenson

Age: 32

Profession: Finance/Real Estate/Private Equity

One Word That Describes You: Visionary


What does being one of the BEMM 100 Men of Distinction mean to you?

It means that no matter the odds against you, or where you begin in life, resiliency and the determination to “push the boundaries” will position you to become the person you envisioned.


What are some examples of how you turned struggle into success?

I am a firm believer that there is beauty in each and every struggle. In my life, challenges have given me an opportunity to prove to myself that no matter what hardship I would face in life there was a way to “champion” it. Losing my first corporate job after the financial crisis forced me to become more dependent on my skills versus the comfort provided by a large corporation.


What is an important quality you look for in your relationships with others? 

One key quality I look for in relationships with others is their level of commitment to excellence. Many of my mentors share this same quality.


What are some immediate projects you are working on?

Building out a private “angel investing” company and currently advising a $1.5 million capital raise for a startup entertainment agency.


What is the best advice you ever received?

Make it happen.


What is some advice you have for other men who want to make a difference?

Simply aggregate people, resources, and groups that are willing to support your cause or efforts.

Also, embrace opportunities that could possibly make you uncomfortable. Usually, there is growth there.


How do you prep for an important business meeting and/or event?

In preparation for business meetings, I read current articles that are relative to the meeting. When wanting to identify trends at a macro (top-level) perspective, I will usually turn to Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg. If there is a need to gather insights on a more localized or regional perspective, I browse Business Journals for relative information that allows me to add value to the meetings.


As a busy Modern Man, how do you unwind on vacation? Share a story about your best vacation.

I unwind by completely coming “off the grid.” Put away the cell phone, the MacBooks, and spend time with a significant other. Best vacations usually are the ones where I explore any city I may be visiting for the first time. Hopefully, there is a beach nearby.


If you could travel and stay anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

To be honest, I would probably live right in the town I was raised. It’s a small town with lots of farmland, considered a rural area. There are certain parts of the “country land” that are absolutely beautiful, and it’s simply because of nature. Amazing river banks, and gorgeous trees make up what I’ve come to appreciate more after living in bustling cities of Houston, San Francisco, and Baton Rouge for the last 10+ years.


Anything else you’d like to say?

Sacrifice the time early, and commit to learning what creates generational wealth. The kids and grandkids are counting on us.

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