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Looking for Love: Tall, Dark and Credit Worthy

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The dating services industry is a $2.1 billion business in the United States. Online dating services make up roughly 53% of the market’s value.

As online dating has gained popularity, niche segments have appeared. Among them are dating sites for those looking to meet potential mates with a good credit score. One popular credit score dating site that has emerged is CreditScoreDating.com, which proclaims in its tag line that “good credit is sexy.”

Creditworthiness is becoming just as important as physical attractiveness when it comes to choosing a potential suitor. A recent FreeCreditScore.com survey revealed that 96% of women believe financial responsibility is important, as do 92% of men. The study found that on average, financial responsibility came second only to personal compatibility when picking a companion.

John Ulzheimer, Credit Expert at CreditSesame.com, thinks credit score dating websites are a great trend. “If you look at the primary reasons marriages fail, you have infidelity and differences in money management practices. Understanding how your boyfriend or girlfriend manages their credit is something you should know about well in advance of tying any knot, and I’d argue you should find out before date number two. What is the point of wasting your time with someone who has a VantageScore or FICO score of 550? They’re not going to pay the bills on time and they’re likely already in a tremendous amount of debt, much of it already in default. Talk about a dog with fleas,” says Ulzheimer.

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