Let's Move

Let’s Move

Q: I’ve just purchased a new computer and need to move all my files and programs from the old PC to the new one. How can I do this without having to move every single file onto a floppy disk and then onto the new PC-or reinstall all my programs?
–S. Gray, Kansas City, MO

A: If you’re like most busy entrepreneurs, you don’t have time to manually migrate files, settings, and programs from one PC to another. Nor do you have the budget to hire someone to do it. And although your question is a valid and important one, I have one question: Floppy disk? It sounds as if you might not have backed up your data.

That’s where data migration tools come in, providing myriad ways to transfer data from one PC to another, ranging from the consumer level to the corporate enterprise. Tools such as Eisenworld’s Alohabob PC Relocator (www.eisen world.com, $29.95) or Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra Control ($69.95) let you automatically transfer data from one location to another, often at network speed (with PC Relocator Ultra Control), helping to ease the process. These tools are often good for those who don’t regularly back up data.

If you’re a regular Techwatch reader however, you know that one of my mantras is “back it up.” What this means is that those who perform regular backups might not find it necessary to purchase data migration tools because all of their data is stored on a drive-DVD, CD, etc. Sure, you’ll still need to reinstall some programs, particularly if they didn’t come with your new PC, but think of the time (and money) you save by performing regular automatic backups. (For more information on backing up your data, see “Tech 1-2-3: One-button backups,” November 2003).