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LeBron James Heads First NBA Fashion Show All-Star Weekend

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Never one to be complacent, even if he is the NBA’s star child, LeBron James is always discovering new ways to expand his empire. Off-court deals with mega brands like Samsung and Coca-Cola earned the MVP an estimated $44 million this season, according to Forbes. James isn’t stopping at mobile devices and carbonated beverages, either. His production company, Springhill Productions, is leaving a mark in fashion with the first ever NBA fashion show: All-Star All-Style. James is executive producer of the spectacle.

Airing on TNT Feb. 14 at 6:30 p.m, NBA All-Star All-Style will “highlight how players like James Harden, Klay Thompson and Parson Chandler dress for the boardroom, a night out and for a game.” While fashion shows are usually swanky and a bit uptight, we’re assuming the first NBA style showdown we’ll be more lax than luxe as comedic rock star Kevin Hart is commentating. Sponsors for the affair are Samsung Galaxy, Ciroc and Kia Motor.

Athletes have launched their own sneaker lines and athletic wear, and Serena Williams is one of few who’s successfully designed a full fashion line. But All-Star All-Style is the first of its kind, and it just so happens to be taking place during the hype of New York Fashion Week.

The non-cliché approach into fashion isn’t just a sharp business move for James, who’s noted for his debonair red carpet moments and historic Vogue cover. This could very well be the gateway to more major sports and high fashion partnerships, too. The anticipation is building and the show is making headlines across the Web.