Learn How to Market to 320 Million Pinterest Users With This $20 Online Course

Learn How to Market to 320 Million Pinterest Users With This $20 Online Course

(Image via Charles Deluvio/Unsplash)

When you think of social media channels to promote your brand, your mind probably doesn’t jump to Pinterest–but it should. We know the power of Instagram because of the visuals, and Pinterest has just as much marketing power. Take advantage of all the buyers on Pinterest with The 2021 Pinterest Marketing & Growth Bundle.

You’ve got 320 millions users at your fingertips that can potentially come across your content, with 47% of users logging in specifically to add things to their cart, making it one of the top social media sales platforms.

All you need to do is devote 10 hours to a crash-course on how to transform those views into purchases. You’ve got courses that will show you the art of picking out and creating visuals that translate to a successful campaign.

Naturally, you can’t be on Pinterest every waking second of the day, so you’ll soon learn how to use Tailwind, the ultimate Pinterest management tool. Create pins and schedule them way ahead of time so you’ll be making money even when you’re offline.

The ultimate group of content creators has come together to teach you the ropes of social media marketing. They’ve mastered the art of sales and helped clients build their YouTube channels and Pinterest accounts.

No matter what field you’re in, your instructors have headed the campaigns of authors, fashion companies, city pages, creative speakers, life coaches, and fitness experts–in other words, you’re in good hands.

Plus you don’t have to limit your content to just pictures. Once you learn how to create videos with Video Jaguar, you can add that to your mix of content.

Best of all, it’s only $19.99 to get started. It’ll be a strong return on investment when you finish The 2021 Pinterest Marketing & Growth Bundle. It’s waiting for you at the BLACK ENTERPRISE Shop.

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