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How To Maintain Your Relationships

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“If the purpose of a thing is not known, then abuse is inevitable.” -Dr. Myles Munroe

Relationships. They are the source of joy for some, and a source of contention for others. Many of us do not understand the purpose of relationships and therefore enter into alliances that are abusive or dysfunctional. One thing to note about all relationships, whether good, bad, or ugly, they are for our growth. We do not grow in isolation but only in the context of relationships. As society continues to evolve into the “selfie” culture, it’s vital to hold on to true, enriching relationships. Below are some easy steps to maintaining rich, meaningful relationships.

Healthy boundaries. Boundaries are needed in relationships. They need to be established early and adjusted as the friendship progresses. For example, calling each other derogatory names is a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed. Boundaries are designed to protect you as well as the other person. Blurred lines cause confusion and chaos, and can ultimately destroy a relationship.

Open communication. Whenever communication breaks down in a relationship, you can be certain that calamity is around the corner. Open and honest dialogue must be established and maintained. When problems arise, relationships that practice open communication usually stand the trial. With honest dialogue there is no ambiguity or miscommunication. Moreover, healthy communication provides emotional stability and comfort.

Express gratitude often. Gratitude confirms any relationship. If you have genuine relationships in your life, you’ve found gold. So many people crave authenticity in their friendship, romantic, and business lives. Take a moment to show your thanks by arriving on time for meetings, picking up the tab, returning calls or texts. Believe it or not, these courtesies go a long way.

These tips can be implemented immediately. Here’s to successful relationships!

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