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How Kobe Bryant Used Business Strategies to Recruit Rajon Rondo

NBA all-star LA Laker Kobe Bryant
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We all know that Kobe Bryant has a magnificent basketball resume, but lately he has also revealed his business acumen, especially when it comes to recruiting new talent for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Last month, Bryant hoped to cajole Boston Celtics star Rajon Rondo into joining the Lakers. Rondo becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer, according to ESPN. We look at the simple business tactics Bryant used to persuade Rondo.

Make it obvious that both parties are equal. A week ago, Bryant was interviewed by sports journalists during the exchange a reporter mentioned Rondo. Bryant used the moment to compare Rondo to himself. “From what I understand he’s an asshole, like me,” said a serious faced Bryant. And instantly, the pair became equals. “That’s a great compliment, coming from Kobe. I feel the same way about him,” said Rondo.

Network. When the Los Angeles Lakers visited the Boston Celtics in early December Bryant was picky with his free-time. He decided to have breakfast with Rondo. No word on what the two discussed, but we can guess it was about basketball.

All press is good press. Bryant used his superstar status to create buzz around him trying to recruit Rondo to the Lakers, but Bryant picked his words wisely when responding to the media about Rondo not committing to the Lakers. “I’m not done. I’m not stopping until he signs an extension,” Bryant told reporters. His attitude proved that he will fight until the end for his client, which is a great formula for all business relationships.