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Public Enemy Song Selected for NBC’s Official Super Bowl XLIX Commercial

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On Jan. 13, NBC selected the official song to debut on its Super Bowl XLIX commercial. Public Enemy‘s hit song “Harder Than You Think,” with a voiceover by Ice-T, has now started airing on the network. The emotionally charged, powerful song was also featured in the UK’s “Meet the Superhumans.” The film was called one of the best short films of 2012 by London’s Telegraph newspaper.

“Harder Than You Think” went on to reach No. 4 on the official UK Singles Chart and grabbed No. 1 on the Indie Singles Top 20 Chart. Public Enemy’s “Say It Like It Really Is” is the backdrop for the Selma trailer, the film that depicts the events leading up to the civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery.

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Public Enemy is dedicated to creating music that sends political and social messages, helping to voice the thoughts of those who cannot speak for themselves. With more than 2,000 concerts, 84 tours, three multi-platinum albums, three gold albums, four gold singles, a platinum-selling home video, and after appearing in more than 83 countries, Public Enemy has been recognized around the globe. The New York Times added their music on its “25 Most Significant Albums of the Last Century” list. In 2013, Public Enemy was initiated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It comes as no surprise that NBC selected the popular track to air on its official Super Bowl XLIX commercial.

Check out the official music video below.