Going For A Whirl

Going For A Whirl

Jamail Larkins’ day may consist of acquiring new accounts for his aviation marketing group or solidifying good relationships with existing clients — all while attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautic University in Daytona, Florida.

In his spare time, Larkins performs at air shows, looping, rolling, and spinning 2,000 feet above the ground in his Christen Eagle II, a two-seat, high-performance, aerobatic biplane. Larkins, an Augusta, Georgia, native, has been flying since he was 12 years old and today is the president and CEO of Larkins Enterprises Inc., an advertising/aviation sales company he founded at the age of 15 with $1,000 from his parents.

“I needed a way to pay for the expensive flying lessons, so I decided instead of working for minimum wage I would start my own business.” Larkins expects his company to finish 2004 with $200,000 worth of contracts.

Larkins’ second plane is the Cirrus SR20, a single-engine airplane, which he uses to promote his national DreamLaunch tour. Visiting 46 cities, he speaks to middle and high school students about career opportunities in aviation as well as planning for success.

“We teach the students the same concept that pilots use inside the cockpit to have a safe and successful flight, and they can use that same concept to navigate in the journey of life.”

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