GlobalHue Named Multicultural Agency of the Decade

GlobalHue Named Multicultural Agency of the Decade

globalhuelogoGlobalHue, the largest multicultural advertising and marketing agency in the U.S., was named Multicultural Agency of the Decade by AdWeek Monday.

“GlobalHue was selected as our multicultural agency of the decade because of their intelligent use of research to shape the agency and thereby serve clients better,” said AdWeek’s Mike Chapman. Adweek cited the growth of GlobalHue (No. 1 on the B.E. Advertising Agencies list with $825 million in billings) over the 10-year period and its evolution beyond traditional multicultural marketing to a broader audience.

GlobalHue’s Jeep campaign featuring the tagline “i live. i ride. i am. Jeep.” was one that embraced “the notion of total market, which is inclusive of everyone,” says Kelli Coleman, vice president of business development at GlobalHue.  “As America is redefined you must redefine the way you approach it and we believe that total market is the way. We aim to evolve.”

Total market marketing includes all ethnicities and races — white, African American, Hispanic, and Asian American — compared with general market, which is a euphemism for Caucasian.

The award “is recognition and a payoff of many years of hard work and many years of study,” says Coleman. “When we came up with the multicultural business model we knew it was the way to go.”

The Southfield, Michigan-based firm operates four consumer niche companies which target specific markets including GlobalHue Africanic, GlobalHue Latino, GlobalHue Asian Pacific Islander, and GlobalHue Next. GlobalHue has a hefty client list, including Verizon, Chrysler Group L.L.C., Wal-Mart and the U.S. Navy.