Getting Back To I.T.

Getting Back To I.T.

Q: I have 15 plus years experience in the information technology field. I was unemployed for two years. I finally landed a job, but not in IT. It’s hard for me not to think that my career in IT is over. What can I do to land another promising job?
— M. McFarland, Via the Internet

A: A lot has changed in the information technology job market. A new report from the Information Technology Association of America shows that “future demand for IT workers continues to drop even as companies lay off fewer workers and the overall size of the IT workforce stabilizes.” The report also finds that more companies show a willingness to contract certain IT positions off-shore. The good news? According to ITAA, more opportunities abound in companies outside the IT industry — even in compensation. What you should also find encouraging is that there hasn’t been a reduction in the use of information technology.

That’s your backdrop. Now you’ve got to implement a plan. I don’t have to tell you how fast technological procedures become obsolete. Keep your current job as a safety net while you take additional classes. For updated information, refer to and