Flying High: Student From Penn State Set To Graduate As The Only Black Person With A Degree In Aerospace Engineering – Black Enterprise

Flying High: Student From Penn State Set To Graduate As The Only Black Person With A Degree In Aerospace Engineering

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Penn State may not have the best reputation, but that doesn’t stop the students from making history.

Mya Guillaume posted on her TikTok that she will be the only Black student to graduate from Penn State with a degree in aerospace engineering. Showing off a statue she received, Guillaume talked that talk and boasted about wanting to receive the award since her freshman year. Now a graduating senior, she is one of only three students to complete the program. “I’m graduating with a degree in rocket science and I just came back from my scholarship sign-off brunch,” Guillaume said.

“And I got this little statue and this statue might not mean much to y’all, but I wanted to do something in order to be given a statue since I was a freshman.”

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Many followers showered her with words of affirmation and congratulations. One user told the rocket scientist she gives her “the boost of motivation she needs.” Another offered her the opportunity to come speak at Hampton University.

Her TikTok page truly highlights her journey as a Black girl in the aerospace industry. Some videos show her flying to new heights that many Black women haven’t seen just yet.

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Just last year, as a junior, Guillaume received the prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship – one of 51 finalists out of 1,000. Founded in 2016, the fellowship honors D. Brooke Owens, an industry pioneer and pilot. Fellows are selected based on commitment to their communities, creativity, record of leadership, talent, and their desire to pursue a career in aerospace. “It is very special to be one of the 51 women able to represent Brooke, as she was fearless not only in the industry but also while she continuously pursued her passion for making the world a better place,” the 21-year-old said in a statement. “I can relate to the personality of Brooke because she was known to be an adventurous spirit, and I find myself the happiest when traveling, adventuring and trying new things.”

“I am excited for what is to come in the future of the aerospace industry and am so glad I am helping to change the face of the future.”