Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

Q: I’m a 23-year-old single mom and I’m completing my degree this fall. Now that I’m a mother, I feel pressured to pick a career path and be successful. After much self-analysis, I’ve realized that while I am enthusiastic, energetic, and adventurous, I have the tendency to lose interest on the job after a short time. I’m scared to step out for fear of making the wrong decision. Please help.
— E Simpson, New York

A: Certainly, one size doesn’t fit all. If you know that one job for the rest of your life won’t do, then it’s time to pursue your passion. One place to start is by picking up a copy of Create a Life That Tickles Your Soul: Finding Peace, Passion & Purpose by Suzanne Zoglio (Tower Hill Press; $21.95). By reading this book and doing the exercises within, you’ll find that the secret to a fulfilling life begins with you, and not others’ expectations of you.

Try this self-analysis exercise: Write down five things that you enjoy doing and five things you are good at. For example, if you like to help people and you’re good at math, then consider becoming a teacher or even a cryptologist, a person who designs and analyzes schemes used to transmit secret information.

To put your passions to practical use, work with a temporary agency, doing different types of jobs. Also, volunteer your time and services at local organizations. You never know, something in your off time may pique your interest for a possible career choice.