Diversity Hunt

Diversity Hunt

I have been a corporate communications specialist for six months. I would love to stay with this company, but they don’t have any blacks in management. How can I find a company that promotes diversity? Can I include this in my objective on my résumé?
–K. Hawkins, Via the Internet

It’s great that you’ve recognized the possibility of slow or no growth in your company. Many of us easily settle into what may seem a comfortable position instead of assertively setting goals for our advancement.

You should start weighing your options by reviewing our list of the “40 Best Companies for Diversity” (www.black enterprise.com/lists/diversity.asp). Also, speak to minority professionals in your field and, if you can, executives who work at the companies that interest you. Ask if diversity is a priority for those companies and, if so, for examples of how that’s been demonstrated. How is success in this area measured? How is succession planning structured, and is the growth and development of diverse employees a part of that structure? You should raise these questions during your interview as well. There is also nothing wrong with including in your objective your preference for a diverse, creative environment. All the studies have shown that diverse companies are more progressive and innovative.

Here are several
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