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Curl Sistas Hair: Couple Talks Working Together to Launch Brand

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Joy Adaézé is a popular face in the fashion and entertainment community. The stylist and blogger is often praised for her fierce head-to-toe style and can be spotted rocking one of her many fabulous turbans. Adaézé’s latest venture includes the launch of a natural-textured weave and clip-in line, Curl Sistas Hair. What’s really cool about the brand for naturalistas of varying hair textures is that Joy teamed up with her new husband, Obi Okere, to create and launch it. caught up with the New York-based newlyweds to get the scoop on Curl Sistas Hair, how they deal with relationship issues while working so closely together, and more. What inspired the birth of Curl Sistas Hair?

Joy: My first love before I got into the fashion industry was hair! I did everything from sew-in weaves to braids. I love the ability hair has to transform a person’s look and mood. Obi and I launched, where natural hair meets personal style, last year in April and it was very popular with our followers. Our instagram @curlsistas grew quickly as a result of our creative hair inspiration. We decided a natural-textured hair line would be a great product to serve our customers and at the same time utilize my background as a hair stylist. I’ve also been natural for five years, so I really related with what our customer was looking for because I was her! The best part of Curl Sistas Hair is that now women with natural hair can wear protective styles that match their own texture. No need to straighten your leave-out!

How long has the process been since the two of you first had the idea?

Obi: The process between the idea for Curl Sistas Hair and our product launch lasted about four and a half months. We didn’t waste any time after we initially came up with the idea. We immediately began researching the natural hair extension market and the feasibility of us launching a successful hair line. Although four and a half months is a relatively quick turnaround time, we spent countless late nights surveying potential customers, designing and testing our product, building new supplier relationships, developing our go-to market strategy, and creatively solving all of the random problems that came up along the way. It was a hectic and fun bringing our idea to life.

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