Chlöe Bailey On Deleting Twitter Due to Negative Comments: 'I Just Let It Go'
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Chlöe Bailey On Deleting Twitter Due to Negative Comments: ‘I Just Let It Go’

(Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Chlöe Bailey is all about protecting her peace. Hence why the singer-actress decided to remove herself from Twitter due to all the negativity that came her way.

The “Teach Me” singer has been on a press run after the release of her debut solo album, In Pieces, and ahead of the premiere of her new film, Praise This. But between her last onscreen role in Donald Glover’s Swarm and ramping up her sultry sex appeal as a solo artist, Bailey has seen an increase in negative responses across social media.

As a result, the Have Mercy star decided to delete Twitter due to all the direct criticism she receives from the public.

“When you see me ‘tweeting,’ it’s because I’ll say [to my team], ‘Oh, tweet this for me.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘Send me any viral tweets or anything you think I should respond to or you know I’d want to. Send it my way because you know I won’t see it,’” she explained to ET Canada.

According to Bailey, she enjoys social media and being able to interact directly with her fans. But the access also leaves the door open for trolls and critics to flood her mentions with shady remarks that can alter her sense of self.

“I love all social media, and I love Twitter as well, but that’s where you can see all the negative things about you directly in your face,” she said.

“If I see my name trending, I’d click it and see a whole plethora of negative tweets about myself. I don’t need to do that to myself.”

The 24-year-old Atlanta native admits to “changing” herself to appease the critics and knew it was time to jump ship.

“I feel that when you continue to be fed the same thing, you’ll start to believe it. And I started changing myself based on what I thought people’s opinions were of me. And that’s not okay,” she confessed.

“I just let it go,” Bailey added before noting the other social platforms she does use to engage with her fans.

“So, I’m still actively, all the time, on Instagram. And Discord,” she shared. “I still love communicating with the fans, so I talk to them a lot in our chats on Discord. That’s the little nerd in me. I love Discord. I like Discord a lot.”